Date Artist Venue
19 June Sat. Rebel Moves Namık Kemal Square,9.30 pm.
22 June Tue. Goran Bregovic Salamis Antique Theatre
23 June Wed. Nohr Quartet Othello Tower
24 June Thr. Vasos Demetriou / Exhibition Chimney House, 6.00 pm.
25 June Fri. Vasos Demetriou/ Raku Show Venetian Palace, 6 -8.00 pm.
26 June Sat. "Music of Belevi" Venetian Palace
28 June Mon. Nilüfer Salamis Antique Theatre
29 June Tue. Arda İlhan Project Namık Kemal Square
30 June Wed. Okan Ersan Othello Tower
1 July Thr. Coversation with Hadass Pal Yarden Venetian Palace, 7.00 pm.
2 July Friday Hadass Pal Yarden Othello Tower
3 July Sat. Oldies & The Goldies Party /
Radio Plus 106
Namık Kemal Square
5 July Mon. Bi-Communal Chorus &Folk Dances Namık Kemal Square
6 July Tue. Coversation with Ferhan Şensoy Venetian Palace, 7.00 pm.
6 July Tue. Reggae Concert: Telex Namık Kemal Square
7 July Wed. Ferhan Şensoy - Ortaoyuncular (Theatre) Salamis Antique Theatre
8 July Thr. Umut Albayrak - Concert Venetian Palace
9 July Friday Laço Tayfa Othello Tower
10 July Sat. Traditional Folk Dances Show Namık Kemal Square
12 July Mon. Gökmen Noyan Othello Tower
13 July Tue. Poetz 4 Peace Namık Kemal Square
15 July Friday Monica Molina Salamis Antique Theatre

Please click on the dates for detailed information about main prgrammes of the festival (brown shaded - still updating)
All the activities other than specified will be starting at 9.00 pm.
Official programme subject to change.

Entrance other than the activities at Salamis and Othello will be FREE of charge.
Tickets for  activities in Othello and Salamis will be 5,000,000 TL and 10,000,000 TL respectivly.